About Eclectic Art Studio

Hi I'm Kathy Smith.
Thank you for stopping by to look at my shop today.
I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I can make such a difference to your home.


I have always had a fascination for interior decoration and studied surface pattern design before becoming an art and textile teacher. I returned from Normandy, France after over a decade, I grasped the nettle, following my dream to become a specialist furniture artist

It is a perfect medium to bring together both my experience and artistic expression, creating highly individual statement pieces for customers who share the same desire to own something beautiful and unique in their home.

Are you searching for something amazing to inspire the decoration and mood of your home or are you wishing to invigorate a tired space with a stunning statement piece. 

Do you have a much cherished but tired looking heirloom that would look fantastic with a new makeover?

Could you be searching to make those changes, opening yourself to the exciting prospects of a new phase in your life by creating the stylish interior of your dreams which express your personality?

Then look no further. Lets talk!



Why buy upcycled furniture?

We are all concerned today with the environment and our throwaway society. So much perfectly serviceable furniture is taken to landfill when it could be revitalised and reused. My aim is to attempt to save at least some of them and wave a little wand of paint magic transforming them into the new heirlooms of the future. I use water based environmentally friendly paints and products and try to recycle packaging as much as possible. I use these gorgeous beautifully craftsmen made objects as my canvas and each piece is a little work of art with the added benefit of having a functional use too.


Choose from one of my beautiful finished pieces or talk to me about creating something unique and bespoke.
We will seek together to find and customise the perfect furniture just for you.  


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