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'Sahara' Chest of Drawers

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'Sahara' Chest of Drawers

  • Harris Lebus chest of 3 drawers.
  • Vintage circa 1940’s
  • Natterjack Green
  • Decorative carved and painted frieze
  • Spacious storage
  • Beautifully strong and lightweight
  • Dimensions in centimetres

Width 77.5 x Height 74 x Depth 41


The mysterious hieroglyphs of the great tombs of Giza, spoken in hushed tones now.  Whispering softly across the Saharan sand.

Tracks of a Bedouin caravan, distant now, snaking and shimmering in the haze of heat.

Spiralling grains of sand caught up in a breeze, flying home to  the desert’s ever shapeshifting dunes.


This stylish and subtly painted original Harris Lebus chest of three drawers painted in soft tones, inspired by Egyptian wall paintings and hieroglyphics.

The original handles have touches of gold and copper highlighting their shapely beauty.

Painted in ‘Natterjack’ by Bunty’s paints with the carved frieze in earthy tones, burnt sienna, ochre, raw umber and dusky pink.

A medium sized chest restored and brought back to life with care and decorated to add a beautiful original look to your home.

Sahara offers space to store your keys and paraphernalia, keeping you entrance hall free from clutter.

In the living room place a beautiful lamp on top with your favourite family photos and still have lots of storage for nik naks.

Other perfect places are the bedroom or your bathroom, if you are lucky enough to have a good sized one. Perfect for extra towels and clothes.

The soft muted colours mean it will fit in easily with a variety of interior colour schemes.

Create an oasis of beauty and calm in a little corner of you home. Bathing in asses milk might be an option if you are feeling like the Queen of the Nile, so just relax Cleopatra, it's coming atcha !


Why it is a brilliant idea to buy Vintage for your home

We work hard to remain true to the history and character of heritage furniture while consistently delivering a structurally sound piece.

However, each piece reflects its age with minor knocks and blemishes adding patina and I hope you agree, personality, telling its story as it is handed down through the generations, to you, its new custodian.

A great deal of work goes into preparing every piece before painting and our finishing techniques are to the highest standard to ensure you will enjoy your furniture for many years to come.